Entangled Realities

An Installation on the Blurred Lines between Surveillance and Subjectivity

Entangled Realities, an installation inspired by “Secrets” by artist Trevor Paglen, invites the viewer to consider the complex and multifaceted nature of surveillance and its relationship to our understanding of reality. Through the use of technology and power, and surveillance, the installation aims to explore the interconnected nature of these concepts and their impact on our perception of the world. 

By blurring certain parts of the projected CCTV footage and triggering glitch sounds in response to the viewer’s movement through the space, the installation calls into question the reliability of surveillance as a means of documenting and representing the truth. It also invites the viewer to consider their own role in shaping their perception of reality, and the ways in which technology and systems of power may influence their understanding of the world around them. Overall, Entangled Realities aims to explore the intersection of technology, power, and surveillance through a thought-provoking and interactive installation.


  1. Obtain and edit pre-recorded CCTV footage to fit into a 3×3 grid.

  2. Install and calibrate a projector and camera.

  3. Create a MaxMSP patch using that generates a heat map to detect motion and trigger the blur effect on certain quadrants of the projection as a person moves through the space.


  1. Program glitch sounds to play in response to the blur effect triggered by the face tracking software.
  2.  Set up ambient music to play constantly in the background to create a sense of surveillance and intervention.

  3. Program the projector to display the 3×3 grid of footage on the wall.