A Sound Performance for Motion and Stretch Sensors.

dynamic soundscape   

An (all-time) Glow

Re-examining light & noise pollution data 

MaxMSP     light and vibration sensors

Shedding light on indoor air quality

A lamp that visually informs us about the air quality in our apartment.

real-time visual feedback  

Entangled Realities

An Installation on the Blurred Lines between Surveillance and Subjectivity

MaxMSP     A/V

Pretty Algorithms

p5 and processing code art.

creative coding   generative art 

Meditative Ripples

Visual ripple simulations formed by a change in the amplitude and pitch of my handpan

projection mapping  

Textile Pattern Maker
A drawing program that visualizes my crochet patterns.

crocheting   pattern making  

Archive of portraits

film and digital photography

Carrying home in digital echoes.
A parallax scroll-through time
animated storyline  

JavaScript   GSAP TweenLite