Carrying home in digital echoes.

A Parallax scroll through time. Check out the deployed Javascript app here

It was the safest space for me. The only place where I felt belonging and purpose.

Fleeing the war, leaving my house and tangible memories behind, why was it so easy to adapt in new places?

I brought my real home with me..

Notes: Here, I mean the anonymous blogs i was on, the alternate identities and digital friendships that i formed.

I have access to a whole sea of memories.. I am able to float back into my space and forget my reality

Will I be able to float back out? Do i really have to?

I wanted to mainly play around with a parallax effect, but then I decided to do a scroll animation. I designed the assets in Illustrator and then implemented the Javascript Scroll Animation using libraries including GSAP TweenLite which will be used to take care of animating different properties of the image, and ScrollMagic. Bezier plugin will be used to create a path for the image to follow along.

TimelineLite is used to sequence together multiple animation and ScrollMagic will help us animate based on scroll. I built on top of my initial idea of a “Parallax through time” storyline and ended up writing a bit of text.